Our goal is to manage projects and create products to develop linguistic and cultural skills for all people working in the fields of cultural promotion and the internationalization of businesses and institutions.
With particular emphasis on the dissemination of the Italian language and culture, we provide services aimed at achieving clear linguistic and communication goals and offering professional and university guidance through internships and job placement. At the same time, we develop training paths to enhance Italian cultural heritage, in partnership with organizations and institutions, with a view to participating in proposals and projects to increase the awareness of Italy’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.
Our interests range from education, instruction and training to pre- and post-grad studies in Italy and abroad, from research and the provision of cultural services to the enhancement of Italian cultural heritage and tourism, using state-of-the-art technologies. Our strategic goal is to develop new ways of interconnecting these fields, facilitating the integration between needs and interests in all forms of training. We also aim to promote Italian cultural heritage and its quality goods, and the way these are linked to the specific historical and cultural features of the places they are produced.