China is just a click away

Doing business in a globalized world implies becoming aware that every country and people have their own habits and lifestyles. China is no different in this sense; it’s very important to understand how the Chinese think and communicate in order to avoid misunderstandings, before starting any commercial or cultural initiative there.
We offer our extensive experience in the fields of communication and marketing, especially via social media, to create effective digital advertising campaigns and guarantee a well-structured brand communication and positioning strategy.

Communicating your Brand on Social Media

Social media is an essential component of any marketing strategy targeting China, as it is used daily by 738 million internet users. More than one in five internet users are indeed Chinese.
We support our clients in designing marketing strategies using Chinese social media platforms. We help:
  • analyse the market and identify the most useful platforms for the client’s business
  • create individualized strategy aimed to increase engagement of one’s followers with the newly created social media
  • establish the targets to reach in terms of follower count and content volume, ensuring effective correlation between web pages and social media
  • study the most suitable contents and choice of media for the client’s social media strategy, based on the type of product and the client’s target customer
  • define the brand that makes their own style recognizable on social media

WeChat (Official Account, Mini programs)

app designed as an instant messaging service, but which today also provides a complete range of other functions, from digital payments to booking medical appointments online. [1.2 billion members]


microblogging platform also supported by Alibaba, offering a range of e-commerce functions. [530 million members]

Little Red Book

a social media and e-commerce platform. It also includes the RED Mall section that incorporates e-commerce services into the social media without having to switch apps. [300 million members]


platform originally born as an online community, but which over time has incorporated business features. [300 million members]

Selling in China

We help our clients exploit the potential of cross-border e-commerce on Chinese platforms such as Alibaba and Tmall Global, the world’s most popular online retail stores, with significant savings on logistics and other costs.