Italian for art academies and music conservatories

Italian Language and Culture courses for foreign students of Italian universities and higher education institutions in Fine Arts and Music (AFAM)

Itinera runs Italian language and culture courses designed to meet the requirements of foreign students enrolled in Italian institutions. We aim to provide them with the communication tools they need to successfully complete their studies. In preparing the teaching resources for studying in these institutions, we pay particular attention to the course materials and real objectives of the chosen course of study. By adopting a communicative approach, we help students familiarize themselves with the target language use and prepare them for their final examinations.

Special multimedia courses and modules

We specialize in the creation of “podcast” video lessons, used by professors from the academies of fine arts and the music conservatories as well as other experts from the art and music world. These resources provide captions and transcriptions of the audio tracks, subtitling and lesson sheets used both in traditional classroom settings and for further individual study.