What you Need to Study in Italy

Itinera provides blanket support to foreign students needing documentation for entry to and stay in Italy. Our team of expert linguistic mediators provide continuous help to students for the following processes:
  • SUPPORT IN FILLING OUT REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: gathering the documents required to apply for the residence permit, compilation of payment slips, delivery of the kit to the Post Office.
  • TAX ID REQUEST: support in applying for a tax ID number, required for the residence permit from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • RESIDENCE PERMIT: support in applying for the residence permit including accompanying the students to the police station for fingerprints, collecting their permit and eventually for renewal applications.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: assistance in underwriting a health insurance policy that is valid throughout Italy, required for the residence permit.
  • BANK ACCOUNT: advice and support in opening an Italian bank account, allowing students to manage payments in the country without having to pay foreign commission.
  • ITALIAN SIM CARD: support in buying and activating an Italian SIM card.
  • TRAVEL PASSES: assistance in buying monthly or annual bus or train passes.